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Food Versus Evil: An Angry Burger's Quest

Food Versus Evil: An Angry Burger’s Quest

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No one believed Burgerman when he said that ghosts were haunting his hometown. Even on a planet inhabited by living food products, his claim was just crazy enough to get him thrown into an asylum. But for all the good reasons for him to undergo psychological analysis (such as antisocial behaviour, chronic irritability and Compulsive Sarcasm Disorder), there’s a much better argument for his release:

The ghosts are real. And their plans spell disaster for the whole planet.

Upon escaping the hospital, Burgerman finds himself caught in a conflict between the ghosts, the clandestine Egg Intelligence Agency and a mystical entity calling himself “the Soda Guru” – with each party having their own plans for this troubled young hamburger. Burgerman’s only weapon: a magic bracelet that can teleport its wearer out of danger. However, each warp throws him further away from home.

Can this edible adventurer find a way to regain his old life? Or is he doomed to live a haunted, angry, perilous, angry, angry existence?


The Dude Mythology

The Dude Mythology

Paperback available through Amazon, Booktopia, Book Depository, B&N and other retailers.
Ebook available through Kindle.
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If it’s been in a fairytale, it’s been in Halden Laberge’s bed.

Nymphs, elves, mermaids… Women of many races have come face-to-face with Halden’s libido. In fact, he lives on campus solely to pursue these exotic flings, and his policy of always leaving the girl better off at the end of the night has safeguarded him from ever experiencing playboy’s guilt. But everything changes one day while crossing another species off of “the list”.

Fairy enchantress Mac is wise to Halden’s sneaky seduction tactics. And after spending one night with her, he finds not only that Mac comes with strings attached, but that she’s pulling them to make him dance to her tune. Feeling used and betrayed, he hatches a plan for revenge. Suddenly, his game has become a cat and mouse game – a battle of the sexes where every smile and compliment hides an agenda.

All the while, Halden must keep peace within his group of male friends, which includes a philosophical metalhead elf, a poetically vulgar prankster and a socially inept half-human/half-dwarf. Throw in an irate professor, a vampire-werewolf bromance, alcohol, archaic technology, troublesome nostalgia, mind-melting drugs and some cryptic paranormal tidings and Halden’s college life is becoming a warzone.

If he can keep his most trusted generals from tearing each other apart over typical guy drama, he may just solve the mystery of Mac and survive his early twenties.